Monday, October 29, 2012

In the human world we wonder what is our purpose in life and we wonder why should we even be here and why we were created. I have the answer. I believe our purpose in life is to create and use knowledge to benefit others, not just ourselves. We are here for the exact same reason as our purpose in life. And the next question has the same answer as the others. I am young only at 13 years old but, I have a vision for the future. A way to cure all known diseases like cancer, Parkinsons disease, HIV, and others. I have a proposal for all people out there. If, you feel like you can help me reply to my blog. Send me an email at Let's work together to save the world, not harm it. If you want money, there is money involved. I have run simulations about 10,000 times and the plan works. Eventually you will be rich due to the fact that we will have control over technology in the world. I have two friends helping me out already but what I am looking for is someone who is dedicated for the good of mankind and also if you have money to support us and someone or some people that have experience in the field of cross species genetics, nanotechnology, mechanical engineering, theoretical physics and nuclear physics/engineering. This goes out to everybody who is willing to help in any way at all. So, enough with the preaching and the asking for help. This is my vision. A world without diseases. What if we use nanotechnology to build spaceships and sell to NASA and what if we create bionanotechnology to cure heart disease and cancer by injecting a serum that releases this bionanotech out into the nervous system. what about one man plane like iron man. Anything is possible like time travel and intergalactic travel. it sounds stupid, I know, especially since I'm so young but it's true this can be done. Maybe it seems far fetched but God blessed me with a brain and a good heart and the intelligence to use my brain for good, not evil. Now, for safety precautions I cannot specify my ideas until you reply or send me an email saying who you are and how you are able to help, and how old you are. It's not that I am non trusting but I just cannot explain anything until this happens so that I don't end up getting my idea ripped off by people. I've spent almost my whole life studying Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking so I know what I am doing. I know the risks of nuclear disaster and a whole lot of money wasted for nothing but, it can work. Like I have stated before I've been studying this since I was only five years old and now I am thirteen so I know what to do and how to do it but, I need help and it can only come from you; whoever is willing to help me. I will be posting every Monday,Wednesday and Friday as soon as someone messages me and i will explain the project and how it works. So, come on and join me and my friends in a revolution to change mankind for the better.


Doctor X